A little detour..

First blog post..


Urm so.. Today marks the beginning of my semi-gap year from University. You could say it’s a slight detour for me as I didn’t expect to take one this year. Shit happens. You can cry about it or learn from it.

I did both.

University for me is a lot of things, and I learnt a lot of things. I experienced a lot of good and not so good things, but overall, those things have allowed me to view myself in a different light. I didn’t expect my first year to be a breeze, and I don’t expect the last couple years to be anything less. As a creative, you need to constantly be doing something. While I was doing a lot as a student with a part time job, I still feel like I’m not in a position to be taking on industry jobs. My skill level isn’t to my own standards. I can only improve by gaining experience and put my skills into action. So taking a year out is a blessing in my eyes. I’m going to use this time to reflect on my performance throughout last year, manage my health better, save up some money, and hone my skills as a creative. There are some things I would like to achieve by this time this year;

  • Gain some experience as an Intern.

  • Learn a new language.

  • Improve and refine my portfolio.

  • Update my CV to be more industry focused.

  • Build on graphic design work, styling shoots, and collage pieces.

  • Refine my skills as a freelance fashion stylist.

If I don’t end up spending the entire year playing Kingdom Hearts III, I know I can achieve at least this. 365 days to learn, grow, create, live. Seems like it will be a good year?

All updates on this blog will be in relation to my growth as an artist. For more personal blog posts, please see my personal blog.

♡ J